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Department of Architecture

Message from the Department Head

Matthew KnoxWelcome to Kansas State University's Department of Architecture. For over 110 years we have been striving to educate future architects and designers to become active contributors and leaders in making the world a better place. Our students leave with a strong understanding of architecture from a practical perspective encompassing construction, sustainability, materials, structure, systems, economics, social needs and the latest technologies. However, in a rapidly changing world this is not enough and our students are immersed in a culture of critical inquiry to not just provide a solution but, provide the right solution.

We are a faculty dedicated to teaching. Our passion is focused on our students. Yet, our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their dedication to the profession of architecture, works of architecture, creative work, and wide ranging scholarship.

Regionally, nationally and globally our students are leaders in not only the architectural profession but also successful in a wide range of careers benefitting from their ability to collaborate and utilize design thinking.

Feel free to explore our program and discover a community of passionate and engaged students and faculty who make K-State Architecture a unique and enriching educational experience.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about our programs.

Matthew Knox AIA
Professor and Department Head

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