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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Off-Campus Study

Our students' design and planning studies are enriched by frequent interaction with the world outside Seaton and Regnier Halls. APDesign students take frequent field trips. Many study abroad or do an internship. Several students choose to study urban issues at the Kansas City Design Center.

All Non-Baccalaureate students in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design must indicate their academic intentions by completing a 4th Year Option Intention Form. Specific options for the 4th year vary by program and you should contact your academic advisor for guidance.

You can find options each department offers for the 4th year HERE.

You can find the 3rd year off-campus option meeting presentation HERE. 

 Options by Department


Summer: On-Campus or Off-Campus Studio
Fall: Education Abroad (Students selecting Education Abroad for fall must enroll in summer studio and select internship for spring.)
Spring: On Campus Studio, Education Abroad, KCDC, Internship

The Department of Architecture anticipates providing students with the option to take their fall semester 4th-year studio in the summer. Students completing the summer studio would not take a fall studio. Two summer studio options may be available: on-campus and off-campus in Kansas City. Details will be available before the end of the fall semester. Completion of the intention form will be required for both summer options.

Interior Architecture & Product Design

Summer: Education Abroad, Internship
Spring: Education Abroad, KCDC, Internship
Summer: Education Abroad, Internship

IAPD Students: After selecting your option for spring, you must select an option for one of the summer sessions. IAPD students may not enroll in the same option for both spring and summer. Education abroad options during spring semester MUST include a studio experience. Summer education abroad is not required to include studio experience. Options are subject to change based on enrollment and availability.

Landscape Architecture

Fall: Education Abroad, Internship
Spring: Education Abroad, KCDC, Internship
Summer: Internship

LAR students must complete an internship. That ma be a 7-month internship during summer/fall or spring/summer or an 8-week summer internship. You may also opt to study abroad during the fall or spring. You must be on campus for either the fall or spring semester in your 4th year.

Regional & Community Planning

Spring: Study Abroad, KCDC, Internship

RCP students are required to complete their 4th year spring semester off-campus. If you complete a spring internship you may choose to continue it or participate in education abroad during the summer. If you select education abroad you may elect to complete an internship during the summer. 

Please refer to your curriculum guide as you consider your academic plans.