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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Tuition and Fees

Estimated First Year Student Budget


Tuition and fees
1st Semester
(16 hours)
(31 hours)
*In-state tuition ($312.50 per credit hour) $5,000$9,687.50
Midwest Student Exchange (150% of in-state tuition @ $468.75 per credit hour)$7,500$14,531.25
Out-of-state tuition ($829.30 per credit hour)$13,268.80$25,708.30
Privilege fee (Health services, student newspaper, recreation complex and other items)$444$888
APDesign Fee ($55 per credit hour, 8 credits in the fall, 7 credits in the spring)$440$825
Residence Halls1st SemesterYear

Traditional double room rate

All Access meal plan
Limited 14 meal plan





**Books, supplies & field trips$950$1,800
Personal costs (travel, parking, athletic tickets, activities, etc.)$800-$2,000$1,600-$4,000

* Missouri residents may qualify for in‐state tuition. 

**You are responsible for purchasing all materials, supplies, equipment and tools used in studio, and should plan to spend approximately $1,000 for supplies during the first year. A drawing and model building kit can be purchased at the beginning of the year for approximately $350. You will take one or two field trips during the first year and should allocate approximately $50-$75 for each trip. Expect expenses to increase throughout the five-year program of study. During the fourth and/or fifth year of the program you will be taking at least 30 credits of graduate courses. Tuition for graduate coursework is approximately $100 more per credit hour than undergraduate coursework.

Purchasing a computer

Students must purchase a computer in the second year. We do not recommend purchasing this computer while a first-year student. Through the Office of Student Financial Assistance you can appeal for additional aid when you need to purchase your computer.

Payment options

Tuition can be paid in full and is due before classes begin, OR you can participate in a payment plan through the K-State Cashiers and Student Accounts Office. The plan breaks payments into four installments.


You are encouraged to complete the university's scholarship application each year to be considered for university, college and departmental scholarships. APDesign awards college- and department-level scholarships based on eligibility requirements established by the scholarship donor(s). These scholarships are made available through the generosity of alumni and friends of APDesign. University scholarship opportunities

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