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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Message from the Dean

Dear Future Design and Planning Students,

I am excited that you have chosen to explore the College of Architecture, Planning & Design at Kansas State University. There is no other college of design and planning like ours! We are a comprehensive college giving you an interdisciplinary educational experience that mirrors the professional world. Selecting APDesign will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

So why choose APDesign?

  • Reputation

Consistently recognized as one of the best! 

  • Career placement (You’ll get a job)

Typically, 95% of APDesign graduates are employed in their discipline within six months of graduation.

  • Value

Nationally prominent programs with state-school tuition

  • Interdisciplinary Education (we do it all)

All scales of design and planning, from products to cities, under one roof!

  • Alumni Base (the family)

A network of 6,500+ deeply engaged APDesign alumni dedicated in giving back their time, money and expertise in insuring the quality of your education.

 Why did I choose K-State?

These same qualities attracted me to come to K-State. APDesign is a unique college, distinct in its long track record of excellence and the comprehensiveness of its accredited programs. Our graduates leave prepared to not only excel in their disciplines, but also to expand the periphery of traditional practice through the inventive application of their knowledge. Ours is an exciting college and in it you will be prepared to lead through design in service to your profession and your communities.

On top of all these qualities, we are now in our new facility. We opened the doors to our new complex in August 2017 and from the moment you arrive at K-State, you will have your own dedicated work space and will have a vast array of technology and equipment at your fingertips.  


Tim de Noble
Professor and Dean