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Department of Architecture


The Department of Architecture is located in Seaton Hall directly across from the K-State Student Union. Within Seaton we have a large number of resources to support your educational experience. These range from cutting edge digital fabrication tools to student organizations shaping the culture of the program.



Technology continues to bring massive change to the architectural education, practice and building. The department is dedicated to providing the tools to ensure our graduates are up to speed or even ahead of with the latest technologies.

These are just a few of the technologies available:

  • APDesign Plot Club providing printing services
  • APDesign Digital Fabrication Club providing laser cutting and 3-D printing services
  • APDesign Computer Network Services providing technical support to the college


 APDesign Digital Tools - Tutorials

The below tutorials are designed as a continuous supplement for students of design. Some of these tutorials are directly tied to the Digital Architecture courses taught at APDesign, so they may be rather assignment specific. However, all are created to help designers better navigate the software necessary in our profession.

Good luck! Let me know what is and is not working!

Nathan Howe







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