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Your Journey Starts Here: 5th Year Interior Architecture and Product Design students on a trip to OFS.

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Students seeking an Masters of Interior Architecture and Product Design may pursue the MIAPD for college graduates and MIAPD for high school graduates and transfer students. Both degree paths are accredited by CIDA, approved by NASAD, and incorporate coursework in the following areas of study:

Interior Architecture

Interior architects bring a specialized approach to the re-envisioning of a building’s interior. Our students will learn to consider the social, psychological, and behavioral issues affecting design decisions to create unified interiors. This program teaches students to develop cutting edge techniques by combining architectural design, lighting, materials, furnishing, and finishes to produce aesthetically sophisticated spaces. 

Product Design

Our program integrates interior architecture and product design to focus on creating products of tomorrow. Product design projects relate to the development of ideas and prototypes for new products using various manufacturing methods and materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and synthetics. Products can range in size from a small light source to large-scale exhibits. Our faculty offer guidance in developing innovative approaches to the ergonomics, controls, interactions, materials, and manufacturing of our products. 

Furniture Design

Students gain hands-on experience in furniture design studios by producing their design prototypes in fully equipped, state-of-the-art wood, metal, plastic, and upholstery labs. Our labs house both traditional equipment and computer numerically controlled (CNC) manufacturing equipment. Work with our faculty to gain valuable insight into materials and processes to become a great designer and maker.

Post-Baccalaureate Interior Architecture and Product Design Curriculum GuideNon-Baccalaureate Interior Architecture and Product Design Curriculum Guide

College Graduates

The post-baccalaureate professional graduate program degree path for the MIAPD is a three year program with an additional summer semester. This path is designed for students entering with a previously completed bachelor's degree in a program. Applicants with previous degrees in design will be viewed on a case-by-case basis. Years needed to complete the MIAPD may be reduced from the three year plan.

High School Graduates & Transfer Students

The non-baccalaureate professional graduate degree path for the MIAPD is a five year program with one year of environmental studies followed by four years of IAPD coursework, including a summer course. It is designed for students entering with no academic training in interior architecture and product design.

Apply to Interior Architecture and Product Design: 3rd Year Interior Architecture and Product Design: Students on a field trip in Denver, Colorado.Explore Student Life: Achitecture, Planning and Design students studying and collaborating in an open-space seating area in the recently renovated portion of Seaton Hall next to Weigal Library.Visit K-State Interior Architecture and Product Design: Architecture, Planning and Design Seaton Hall Sign and exterior facing Bosco Plaza and the K-State Union.
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