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College of Architecture, Planning & Design

Mission and Vision

APDesign Mission

APDesign’s mission is to be a comprehensive design community comprising all scales of the design and planning endeavor, informed by a culture of inquiry, focused on the significant issues facing our society including environmental stewardship, social equity, economic viability, and aesthetic delight in support of the University’s mission as a Land Grant institution.

APDesign Vision

APDesign’s vision is to be a nationally recognized center of design and planning excellence and a nexus of interdisciplinary engagement, outreach, and research serving the University, the profession, and society.


In contributing to the aspirations of Kansas State University becoming a top 50 public research university by 2025, APDesign commits to having:

· A creative, stimulating environment that inspires shared learning and creative growth;

· A creative, stimulating environment that inspires shared learning and creative growth;

· A motivated and compassionate diverse faculty and staff committed to excellence teaching, relevant research and exemplary service to the community and the profession;

· A relevant, dynamic curriculum built on a paradigm of reflective practice;

· An inquisitive, creative and diverse student body, actively engaged as leaders within the College, the University and the profession;

· A network of external constituents who are actively engaged in support and advocacy of the College;

· Sustained funding matched to the objectives and strategies adopted by the College.


The primary values which guide our interactions, decisions and work are respect, passion, diligence, integrity, diversity, innovation, tolerance, and excellence.