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College of Architecture, Planning & Design


Key Dates in the History of APDesign:

1863: Kansas State University is established.

1878: Landscape Gardening course series first offered.

1903: A formally organized four-year curriculum in Architecture is initiated. It is among the first in the U.S. to earn professional accreditation.

1934: Landscape Gardening becomes an area of study in the Department of Horticulture within the College of Agriculture.

1941: A formal Landscape Architecture curriculum is established.

1957: The Master of Regional & Community Planning (MRCP) degree is established.

1961: The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning and the American Institute of Certified Planners first recognizes the MRCP.

1963: The College of Architecture & Design is formed. Emil Fischer is named dean.

1964: The Landscape Architecture program is accredited.

Early 1970s: The Interior Architecture program begins. It is one of first to be recognized by the Foundation for Interior Design Education and Research.

Early 1970s: The Department of Environmental Design is formed to provide a common, two-year, introductory undergraduate program.

1971: Bernd Foerster is named dean.

1980: The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree is accredited.

1984: Mark Lapping is named dean.

1989: Lane Marshall is named dean.

1990: Environmental Design is changed to one-year program of study. The undergraduate enrollment cap of 725 and selective admission are established.

1993: The Department of Regional & Community Planning merges with the Department of Landscape Architecture.

1993: The College's name changes from College of Architecture & Design to College of Architecture, Planning & Design.

1995: Dennis Law is named dean.

2002: The Department of Interior Architecture changes its name to the Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design.

2003: The Department of Architecture celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Architecture curriculum at K-State.

2006: Bachelor degree programs converted to non-baccalaureate Master of Architecture, Master of Interior Architecture & Product Design and Master of Landscape Architecture. An interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Environmental Design & Planning is added as well.

2007: Regional & Community Planning program celebrates its 50th anniversary.

2009: Tim de Noble is named dean.

2013: APDesign celebrates its 50th anniversary.

2015: Construction begins on the New Seaton Hall Revitalization and Expansion.