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College of Architecture, Planning & Design

Landscape Architecture and
Regional & Community Planning Publications

The LARCP department utilizes several electronic news outlets to communicate with students, faculty, staff and alumni. Below you will find archives of the department's news releases, eNewsletter, Monday Memos and Student Connections. Click the drop down button for each outlet to view the archive. For real-time updates on department news, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @KStateLARCP, or join our group on LinkedIn.

LARCP Alumni eNewsletter

The LARCP Alumni eNewsletter is published to provide an outlet for alumni to see department updates and stay in touch.  

LARCP Monday Memo

The LARCP Monday Memo is an internal e-newsletter the department uses to share news and updates to faculty, staff and friends who wish to sign-up on the listserv.   

LARCP Student Connection

The LARCP Student Connection is an e-newsletter that goes out to LARCP students about department news, campus events and conferences, along with internship, job and scholarship opportunities.