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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Students from the Community Development class (PLAN 660) visited the Flint Hills Discovery Center on Oct. 30. Photos by La Barbara Wigfall
Landscape Architecture | Regional and Community Planning
Student Connection 11.14.13


Dr. Stephanie Morris, K-State Counseling Services, will present APDPro: Mindfulness in Design today at 3:30 pm in Pierce Commons.

Be Safe! It is darker earlier now. Please watch out for your own safety and security as well as that of your classmates--walk in groups or use Wildcat Walk; notify campus police if you see any suspicious people or activity in and around Seaton Hall; and, keep studio/Edmond's doors locked. Taking your computer tower and other valuable equipment home over Fall and Winter Breaks is wise.

The food drive sponsored by SPA ends this Friday. Please donate non-perishable items to boxes located at the front of each studio, or in Seaton 302. 

Message from Jim Hood regarding IT/Technology Committee:

Students IT Forum!

My name is Jim Hood and I am a member of the IT/Technology Committee for the School of Arch/LARCP. As one of your student representatives I would like to take the time to invite you to participate in your education needs and contact me with your IT issues, desires or technology ideas. Please take the time to be involved, it truly helps the departments to understand and adjust to a field that seems to change before you learn the current versions. Hardware, software and cost are all areas. Speak up and be heard!!


Faculty and students will be attending the American Society of Landscape Architects Conference in Boston Nov. 15-18. 

Assistant Professor Jessica Canfield will be presenting initial findings from a collaborative quality assessment of the Landscape Performance Series Case Studies to the Landscape Architecture Foundation Research Committee at the ASLA conference in Boston, Nov. 12-18.

Department Head and Professor Stephanie Rolley will be joining the Landscape Architecture Foundation Board of Directors at the ASLA conference in Boston, Nov. 12-18.

The details of our 2014 Design Intelligence #2 ranking are profiled in a recent Land 8 blog, a good summary for those who do not have access to the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Design Intelligence.


Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, Internship, Chicago, Ill, Information


The Graduate Student Council is now accepting abstracts for the annual K-State Research Forum, which will be Wednesday, March 26, 2014, in the K-State Student Union. Click here for more information.



Thur    Nov 14, APDPro: Mindfulness in Design, Dr. Stephanie Morris, Pierce Commons, 3:30 pm

Mon    Dec 9, Holiday Treats for Students, 106c, noon


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