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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

MONDAY MEMO 10.06.14


Xtreme LA will be taking place starting tomorrow evening until Thursday. Please remember that 106c is being used by the design teams Wednesday through Thursday lunch. Classes that utilize 106c will need to be relocated. Click here to view the Xtreme LA participation list.

There will be an APDesign Open Forum on October 14, 11 am-noon at the Union Forum Hall to discuss the building project.

Richard Hansen, former faculty member,is on campus through Wednesday visiting classes and working with the Campus Creek Studio.


Congratulations to the following LARCP projects which received awards at the KS APA Conference on Oct 3:

- New Horizon (group) Award- Envisioning Better Blocks for St. Joseph, studio project led by Associate Professor Blake Belanger and Assistant Professor Alpa Nawre

- New Horizon (individual) Award- Deanne Petersen, MRCP '14, Food Truck Fever: A Spatio-Political Analysis of Food Truck Activity in Kansas City, Missouri, Major Professor Hyung Jin Kim

- New Horizon Honorable Mention- Mitchel Loring, MRCP '14, Capturing the Buzz: Social Media as a Design Informant for Urban Civic Spaces, Major Professor Jason Brody

The following professors presented at the KS APA conference Oct 2-3:

- Assistant Professor Huston Gibson presented 

Making Public Participation Work for Everyone

- Professor John Keller presented

12 Steps to Effective Zoning Enforcement

- Assistant Professor Hyung Jin Kim presented

University-Community Partnership: Walking to School in Manhattan, KS

Assistant Professor Brent Chamberlain will be presenting Using and Designing a Geodatabase at the 2014 Kansas Association of Mappers Conference on Oct 9.


The 16th International Conference on Information Technologies in Landscape Architectureis calling for papers and posters. Click here for more information.

The Edinburgh Architecture Research (EAR) journal invites research papers for the 34th edition titled: Architectural Education - Educational Architecture. Click here for more information.

Message from Robert Melnick, FASLA

I am guest editing an issue on "Landscape and Climate Change" for the preservation journal Change Over Time (UPenn Press) and am seeking submittals.

The issue will address the intersection of landscape preservation and natural systems, especially as it pertains to sustainability and climate change, and will explore many facets of the impacts of climate change on significant cultural landscapes. We look for a range of topics that include case studies, theoretical and philosophical examinations of this topic, the position of cultural landscapes in the larger historic preservation discourse on climate change, and applicable lessons from other disciplines. The goal is to provide a basis from which our responses to known and unknown impacts of climate on cultural landscapes can be advanced.

Call for submittals:  http://cotjournal.com/call-for-papers/  [Note: Please disregard the submittal deadline.]

Authors guide: http://cotjournal.com/author-guidelines/

Please contact me (rzm@uoregon.edu) as soon as possible if you would like to submit an article or have any questions about this issue of Change Over Time.