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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

MONDAY MEMO 09.22.14


Reminder, the deadline for reportingSpring 2015 term course material adoptions is October 15. Click here for more information.

LARCP 2014 Internship Presentations will be takingplace September 23-November 4 in Seaton Hall 106c. Click here to view the presentation schedule.

Teaching & Learning Center has announceda peer review program. Faculty who complete receive $1000 at the end of the project, and faculty who serve as mentors receive $500. Click here for more information.

Assistant Professor Jessica Canfield will be presenting the first LARCP colloquium of 2014-2015 "A Design-Build Story: Lessons from the Chaumont-sur-Loire 2014 International Garden Festival" this Friday at 4:30 pm in Seaton Hall 106c. 


Assistant Professor Huston Gibson'sCapturing the Buzz: Global Participation Via Twitter is featured on The Scholarly Teacher: Applying evidence-based strategies to enrich student learning blog. Click here to read.

The K-State Autism Research Team will present a research poster, "Playing Naturally: A Child with Autism in an Outdoor Setting" at the Kansas Speech-Hearing Association annual conference September 19 in Overland Park, Kansas. The team includes Rebecca Fusaro, graduate student in the College of Human Ecology is lead author of the poster. Co-authors include Megan Cantu, student in APDesign, Debra L. Burnett, Ph.D., Katie Kingery-Page, M.L.A., Marilyn Kaff, Ph.D., Sara L. Ford Fisher, Ph.D., and Bronwyn Fees, Ph.D.


The U.S. EPA Student Competition in Sustainabilityis now taking applications for EPA's People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Program for the 2015-2016 school year. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, Dec. 16, 11:59 pm EST. Click here for more information.

A Sneak Peak for the 2014 Kansas Planning Conference is located here. Registration will be live within the next few weeks.

An extensive list of grant opportunities relevant to our disciplines is on the LARCP KSOL site in the Faculty Affairs>Faculty RSCA folder. Thank you to Dede Brokesh for preparing the list! Everyone is welcome to add to it and save as a new version.

Note from the The Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization: (FHMPO) wants to know what your transportation needs or suggested projects are. Provide input on the future of Manhattan and Junction City's transportation system by attending one of our upcoming public meetings or using our interactive mapping tool found on our project website here. Whether you have a suggestions for a roadway improvement, bike lane or new transit stop, we want to hear it!