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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Golden Slope, Photos by Abigail Fiala, Katelyn Rose and Kelsey Steward
Landscape Architecture | Regional and Community Planning
Student Connection 10.17.13


Dr. Meghan Wieters will present Sedentary by Practice: How can we integrate physical activity as part of daily routines at work on Wednesday, Oct. 23 in 106c at noon. Light lunch will be provided. Wieters is an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma and is visiting K-State for her Big 12 Fellowship supporting her work with Dr. Huston Gibson. 

Ben Ward will present 
"PLAY, DESIGN, GAME: Game design promises and provokes an opportunity for rapid, intense design and development. Come experience the ideas and the play behind the process. Are you ready for the challenge?" at the LARCP Colloquium Series on Friday, Oct. 25 at 4:30 pm in Seaton 106C. Ben is an instructional designer, technologist, educator, and life-long learning addict, who has developed and designed training programs, distance courses, face-to-face courses and instructional games. 


Associate Professor Lee Skabelund will present "Lessons Learned from Rain-Gardens, Bio-Retention & Green Roof Design, Implementation, Monitoring & Maintenance Efforts in the Flint Hills Eco-Region" at the Governor's Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas, Manhattan, KS, Oct. 25 at 8:30 am.

Assistant Professor Jon Hunt is participating in the Int'l Thinking through Drawing Symposium & Drawing Research Network Conference: Interweavings: Pedagogy, Methodology and Research, New York, NY, Oct. 24-26.


Thomas Balsley Associates, Spring 2014 Internship, New York City, Information

Fitzgerald Lawnscaper, LTD., Designer/Architect, Full time position, Woodway, TX,



Wed   Oct 23, Meghan WietersSedentary by Practice: How can we integrate physical activity as part of daily routines at work, 106c, noon

Thurs  Oct 24, APDPro Event, Katie Kingery-Page and Kate Nesse, Public Interest Planning and Design, Pierce Commons, 4:30 pm

Fri       Oct 25, LARCP Colloquium Series, Seaton 106C, 4:30 pm
Wed   Nov 6, RCP Ekdahl Lecture, Ken Greenberg

Sat     Nov 9, APDesign Research Symposium with Linda Sorrento, Executive Director of the National Academy of Environmental Design


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