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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Students from the Community Development class (PLAN 660) visited the Flint Hills Discovery Center on Oct. 30. Photos by La Barbara Wigfall
Landscape Architecture | Regional and Community Planning
Student Connection 11.21.13


LA l RCP faculty and staff are excited to announce plans for '3 days of Treats and Wellness.' The kick-off will be Monday, Dec. 9 and will go until Wednesday, Dec. 11. During these three days an activity will be held at noon in room 106c for students. Be sure to follow the department on Twitter for more information at @KStateLARCP

With your help, along with fifth grade classes from Woodrow Wilson Elementary, SPA was able to donate 166 food items to the First Lutheran Food Pantry. Thank you to all those who donated! 


Past visiting instructor Bryce Lawrence will present The Regional Ecological Footprint of Jackson County Missouri: A Component Approach to Assessing and Managing Flows between the Anthroposphere and Ecosphere at the Spaces and Flows: An International Conference on Urban and Extra Urban Studies in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Nov. 22-23. The paper was co-authored with Assistant Professor Chris Sass, University of Kentucky.


The Iowa Climate Prize Group is holding a YouTube competition with a $5,000 prize for the winning entry. This competition will begin Jan. 15, 2014 and end May 15, 2014. For more information about the competition click here.

The City & Regional Planning Program at the Ohio State University expects to have up to five university and college fellowships for outstanding first-year doctoral students this coming year. Fellowship included a stipend ($1,666/month), tuition and fees, along with 85% subsidy of student's health insurance premiums. The deadline to be considered for a fellowship is Dec. 1. For more information about the program click here

The Florida State University Department of Urban & Regional Planning is hosting a program on Sustainable Communities in London in Summer, 2014. For more information about the program click here.

The Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University, in partnership with the Cleveland Restoration Society, is hosting the conference, "Historic Preservation in America's Legacy Cities," from Thursday, June 5 - Saturday, June 7, 2014. For more information about call for proposals click here.



Mon    Dec 9, Holiday Treats for Students, 106c, noon
Tues   Dec 10, Massages for Students, 106c, noon 
Wed    Dec 11, Yoga for Students, 106c, noon


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