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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Illuminating Campus Creek. Image by Abby Glastetter. Assistant Professor Anne Beamish's World of Night specialization studio.
Landscape Architecture | Regional and Community Planning
MONDAY MEMO 12.23.13

I hope you've been able to experience our winter wonderland from the vantage point you enjoy best, whether in it on a snowy hike or looking out at it from beside a cozy fire. Most importantly, I hope your travels haven't been disrupted by the weather. 

Our office is closed this week. We'll be back December 30. As always, call my cell if there is an emergency. You may reach Jayna by cell or e-mail today if you have difficulties entering grades. Thank you in advance for maintaining our spotless record for entering grades on time!

The next Monday Memo will arrive January 6, unless pressing news develops. A draft agenda for our January 16 and 17 faculty meetings is attached at right and on KSOL. Note: LA faculty will begin with curriculum discussions at 9:00 on Thursday. Everyone should plan to join the meeting at 11:30.  

Wishing you a wonderful break with opportunities to spend time with family and friends. Take care and enjoy!


Grades are due today at 4 pm if they are being posted through K-State Online and 5 pm if they are being posted to KSIS. 

Do you know that our department received a "Gold" rating for the Greening Your Workplace initiative? Here are some simple things that you can do to continue to contribute to this program during the upcoming University holiday:
1.  Turn off your office lights.
2.  Turn off or unplug your computer and unplug small appliances.
3.  Close the blinds.
Keep up the good work!

Please share the RFQ for graphic design with those you know who provide freelance graphic design services. We will discuss how this work fits with our staffing at the January faculty meetings.


Associate Professor Lee Skabelund and his team 
(K-State Student Chapter of Engineers Without Borders; Dede Brokesh. LARCP; Ed Brokesh, Biological & Agricultural Engineering; and Anil Pahwa, Electrical & Computer Engineering) have been awarded a $5,000 Green Action Fund by the K-State Office of Sustainability to construct a cistern on the Seaton Hall Lower Green Roof to reduce stormwater runoff while allowing re-use of the water for green roof irrigation. The project also will provide an enhanced student learning laboratory, with public outreach components.

Assistant Professor Katie Kingery-Page and her team (
Rhonda Janke, HFRR; student leaders: Zak Ratajcak, Biology; Caleb Melchior, LARCP; and Troy Britt, Art) have been awarded an $8,475 Green Action Fund from the K-State Office of Sustainability that will allow them to nearly  double the number of native plant species in The Meadow with planting this spring; create and install a sign on site; and, purchase an interactive touch table to interpret the Meadow within the Beach Museum of Art.

SCASLA members created two wreaths for the Festival of Trees, continuing the group's annual contribution to this community holiday event. The festival benefits the Flint Hills Volunteer Center.

James Wood, MRCP student, has been accepted to the Florida State University PhD program in planning. Congratulations James!


Dede Brokesh has provided minutes from EcoReps Dec. 6 meeting. 
Click here to view.


Thurs and Fri, Jan 16 and 17, LA l RCP faculty meetings,agenda


Mon      Jan 13, Annual Evaluations due on KSOL


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