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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Landscape Architecture | Regional and Community Planning
Student Connection 09.25.13


The LA l RCP Advisory Council will be on campus Sept. 26-27. Please review the agenda and check for times your organization or class is scheduled to attend events. All students, if not in class, need to attend the Advisory Council's report to faculty, students presentation on Friday, Sept. 27 from 1-2 pm in Pierce Commons. 

Who is the LA l RCP Advisory Council? The Advisory Council is an organization of leaders in the field of landscape architecture or regional and community planning, representing alumni and supporters. Primarily, this Council serves as a forum for interaction between the alumni and the program and provides a system of support for the Department Head and faculty of the LA l RCP program.


Dr. Judith Major will present “Mariana Grizworld Van Rensselaer: A Landscape Critic in the Gilded Age” at 4:30 pm Monday, Sept. 30 in the K-State Student Union Little Theater.

Congratulations to our two Kansas APA Horizon Award Winners:
-  The Planning in Pop Culture class radio show, led by Assistant Professors Huston Gibson and Kate Nesse and Associate Professor La  Barbra Wigfall
-  The LAR 442 Spring 2013 Wichita Metropolitan Studio project, led by Associate Professor Belanger and Assistant Professor Hunt.

The awards presentation will be during the Kansas Planning Conference in Manhattan, at the luncheon on Friday, Oct. 4.


The K-State Office of Sustainability is hosting a dinner event on Sunday, Oct. 6 to celebrate K-State’s sustainability efforts. The dinner will include a presentation from Dr. Jerry Schnoor from the University of Iowa and a poster session. Students, faculty and staff are invited to submit posters about projects or efforts related to sustainability. 



Thurs - Fri  Sept 26 - 27, LARCP Advisory Council

Mon   Sept 30, Judith Major's Lecture, Union Little Theater, 4:30 pm

Mon   Oct 14, RCP Distinguished Lecture, Chuck Marohn

Wed   Nov 6, RCP Ekdahl Lecture, Ken Greenberg

Sat     Nov 9, APDesign Research Symposium with Linda Sorrento, Executive Director of the National Academy of Environmental Design


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planpop: the City Planning & POP Culture Blog


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