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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

ARCHiNFO | 10 January 2014



Image: theallnighter.tumblr.com


Dear Faculty_
I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and Happy New Year. Even though the winter break seems to be filled with preparations for the spring semester and doing those pesky activity reports, I hope you had a chance to relax and spend time with friends and family. I am pretty excited about this spring based on the work I saw in the fall and look forward to seeing more as the semester progresses. Hopefully the deep freeze and plentiful snow are a thing of the past and a few milder months await—I am tired of shoveling snow.

Remember, our biannual faculty retreat is next Tuesday. You will find the agenda attached. Committee chairs need to prepare an update and overview of the upcoming semester. Also, continuing the tradition of using the retreat as a way to brainstorm ideas to make us better, the two break-out sessions will look at  our professional support elective requirements and then do some re-imagining of the ADS 7+8 structure. I am not sure what the outcomes will be, but I look forward to the discussion. You can find further description in the agenda so please look it over and come prepared.

Make sure you RSVP to Kari and see you next week.

Have a great weekend.
Matt Knox AIA
Professor and Head



—The faculty retreat is scheduled for Tuesday, January 14th, from 9AM to 3PM in room 201 in the Leadership Studies Building. Please email Kari (klindeen@ksu.edu) to RSVP no later than Monday, January 13th. Attached here you will find a draft of the agenda. 

—Please be reminded that tenure-track and tenured faculty are required to submit electronic annual Activity Reports to the department no later than January 14th. 

—Check out Shawn Gehle's TedxTalk when you have a chance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y1T860oB_E
Shawn will lecture on Wednesday, February 19th, at 4PM in the Little Theatre. 

—The Gene Ernst Memorial exhibit will open today at the Manhattan Arts Center and run through February 15th. Several college faculty members have donated Professor Ernst's watercolor work to be featured in the exhibit. The opening reception will be today from 5PM to 7PM.

—The APDesign Student Services is calling for faculty teaching proposals to teach in Italy in the spring of 2015. The deadline for proposals is Friday, February 7th. Attached is the memo and the program details. If you have any questions please call Becky O'Donnell at 785.532.5047.

—Please provide Maxine with the list of resources you need on reserve in Weigel Library for your spring classes within the next week. Details on the information you should provide if you need reserve resources can be found here. Please be reminded to take off any reserves that you are no longer needing. 



Upcoming Events + Dates

14 Spring Faculty Retreat at 9:00AM in 201 Leadership Studies Building
17 Keys handed out and studio preferencing posted
20 MLK Day, University Holiday
21 Spring term begins
30 Diversity lecture delivered by Jay Siebenmorgen at 4:00PM in the Little Theatre

4 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
10 David Sachs Regnier lecture at 4:30PM in the Little Theatre
18 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
19 Shawn Gehle lecture at 4PM in the Little Theatre
24 Ekdahl lecture (ARCH) delivered by Laurie Hawkinson at 4:00PM in the Little Theatre

4 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
5 Jon Segal lecture at 4PM in the Little Theatre
25 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208