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ARCHiNFO | 21 February 2014


kathy knox paris

Image: Notre Dame, Paris, by Kathy Knox


Wow. What a busy week and the next few are going to be just as exciting. If you missed Shawn Gehle's lecture you missed a great talk and some truly exceptional work. Shawn said he would be interested in doing something similar to what he has done with Cal Poly with us, so if you are interested please let me know.

In several meetings this week we continued the conversation of what our strengths are in terms of being able to give the brief elevator speech to convince students to come to our post bach program or our program period. Since my memory is already full I think it would be great if we could clearly name three areas of strength that define us. Since design is what is common to everything it could be Design + ............. I want to spend a little time on this at our next faculty meeting so please start thinking about this. Remember these three strengths have to be something we actually cover in classes, have faculty expertise in, and also sexy to attract top candidates. Also, if Kari, Stephanie and Rebecca can easily explain it over the phone to a prospect we have done our job. Oh, and we should be able to put a catchy tune to it and sing it walking down the halls.

I will be sending out the request for proposals to teach fifth year next week.

If your studio is up to something let Kari know so we can put it on Facebook. I posted some beautiful model pictures this week from second year that have attracted some Likes.

Don't forget the big lecture on Monday. Let's hope the projector works this time. Have a great weekend.

Thank you Michael McGlynn for the interesting AIA article listed below.
Matt Knox AIA
Professor and Head



—Laurie Hawkinson will deliver the Ekdahl lecture on Monday, February 24th, at 4PM in the Little Theatre. Check out the SMH website here to see their great work.

—Please be reminded to sign up for the tenure-track canidate visits in the department office. Stephanie or Kari can assist you with this upon request. 

—Signed annual activity reports are due back to the department on Wednesday, February 26th. You may place them in Kari's mail box. 

—Jonathan Segal will be lecturing on March 5th. If you would like to spend time with him while he is on campus please email Kari and she will make the arrangements. 

—If you're looking for some good reading material, check out this short piece on the intersection between practice-based and academy-based research: http://www.aia.org/practicing/AIAB101700

—Katie Burke will present in the PhD Colloquia on Tuesday, February 25th, at 4PM in Seaton 104. 



Upcoming Events + Dates

25 Katie Burke's PhD Colloquia presentation at 4PM in Seaton 104

4 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
   Calayde Davey's PhD Colloquia presentation at 4PM in Seaton 104
5 Jon Segal lecture at 4PM in the Little Theatre
11 Nancy Mahaney's PhD Colloquia presentation at 4PM in Seaton 104
17-21 Spring break
25 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
26 Peter Magyar lecture at 4PM in the Little Theatre
28 Javier Sanchez Regneir lecture at 6:30PM at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City

2 Sally Augustin distinguished lecture at 4PM in the Little Theatre
4 Spring PAB meeting
5 K-State Open House
7 DesignExpo 10AM to 3PM in the K-State Alumni Ballroom
8 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
22 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208

6 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
9 Heintzelman + Kremer at 1:30PM in the Pierce Commons
17 APDesign Commencement