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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

ARCHiNFO | 7 March 2014


thomas jordan archinfo

Image by Thomas Jordan, Digital Architecture 3

Congratulations all for making it through the last two eventful weeks. It was good to see everyone still standing and in good spirits. Of course it might just be that the light of spring break is just around the corner for everyone, or the excitement of the big apple and big D for some faculty. As most of you know, I will be out of the office next week as I travel to the big I, but I am leaving you in very capable hands and will be in communications as much as I can. I will also be handling any issues required for our faculty search.

The only pressing issue is a plea from Thom Jackson for us to provide more fodder for the provost reports. Some have been very good at this and it is appreciated, but some of you remain shy. Please step into the limelight by sending Kari updates.

So, for those traveling in the next few weeks I wish you safe travels and for those enjoying the Kansas weather, please take some time to recharge.

Matt Knox AIA
Professor and Head



—Please be reminded that third year students are heading to New York this week and that second year students will be in Dallas Wednesday to Saturday. 

—Don't forget to clear your calendar on April 3rd for interviews regarding the new building programming. 



Upcoming Events + Dates

11 Nancy Mahaney's PhD Colloquia presentation at 4PM in Seaton 104
17-21 Spring break
25 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
26 Peter Magyar lecture at 4PM in the Little Theatre
28 Javier Sanchez Regneir lecture at 6:30PM at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City

2 Sally Augustin distinguished lecture at 4PM in the Little Theatre
4 Spring PAB meeting
5 K-State Open House
7 DesignExpo 10AM to 3PM in the K-State Alumni Ballroom
8 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
22 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208

6 Faculty meeting at 2:30PM in Seaton 208
9 Heintzelman + Kremer at 1:30PM in the Pierce Commons
17 APDesign Commencement