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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Message from the Department Head

I hope all have found their groove again after the break. The ride from now to May will be full of new adventures. Some highlights from this week include a commitment from Nathan Petty to join us in the fall on the tenure track. Please feel free to reach out to him as he plans his transition from the big apple to the little apple. Thanks to Peter for the great lecture on Wednesday and a premature thanks to Javier for his lecture this evening at the Nelson Atkins in KC.

Next week we have a visit from Serena Croce on Orvieto, the new building architect presentations on Thursday, our professional advisory board on Friday and Open House on Saturday. Please make sure to have your students straighten the studios and if there is empty display space outside your studio, put some sexy work up.

Also, proposals for fifth year studios are due. Teaching assignments for next year will follow shortly after a few more pieces of the puzzle are found.

Have a great weekend.
Matt Knox 

News and Reminders

Javier Sanchez will lecture tonight at 6.30 pm at the Nelson + Atkins Museum in Kansas City. Admission is free, but to reserve your seat be sure to secure a ticket online.

The faculty meeting minutes from March 26th are attached. The next faculty meeting is scheduled for April 8th at 2.30PM in s208. Please correct your calendars: the faculty meeting scheduled for April 22nd has been rescheduled to April 24th, same time and place.

The Professional Advisory Board will meet on Friday, April 4th. They will hold a panel discussion with the students called "Ask an Architect" at noon in the Pierce. The department will provide pizza. Please encourage your students to attend. Afterward, the board members will be walking through Seaton and some studios.

As stated at the faculty meeting on March 26th, Matt is interested in hearing from faculty what the department strengths are, or what we are good at. As you are brainstorming, feel free to email him a few ideas. 

Please send any and all activity information to Kari (klindeen@ksu.edu) for the month of March so she may compile the Provost Report. 

K-State Open House is on Saturday, April 5th, and will tentatively run from 9 am to 3 pm. The college and departments will have exciting activities taking place throughout Seaton. Thomas Jackson will have a schedule prepared on Monday for those interested. 

The TEVAL binder is in the department office and ready for scheduling TEVALs. Please be reminded that each course taught must be evaluated. If you plan to schedule evalutions online via KSOL please send Stephanie (snwhitis@ksu.edu) an email. 


Upcoming Events + Dates

28 Javier Sanchez Regnier lecture at 6.30 pm at the Nelson + Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City


2 Serena Croce presents at 10.30 am in the UNB Theatre at the Beach Museum
    Sally Augustin distinguished lecture at 4 pm in the Little Theatre
3 Seaton rebuild/remodel RFQ presentations at the K-State Alumni Center
4 Spring PAB meeting
   "Ask an Architect" Q&A at noon in the Pierce
5 K-State Open House
7 Design Expo from 10 am to 3 pm in the K-State Alumni Ballroom
8 Faculty meeting at 2.30 pm in s208
24 Faculty meeting at 2.30 pm in s208*

6 Faculty meeting at 2.30 pm in s208
9 Heintzelman + Kremer at 1:00 pm in the Pierce
17 APDesign Commencement