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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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January 13, 2014

Message from the Department Head

Greetings in this new year! Preparations are nearly complete for the coming semester, and I am confident it will be engaging and informative for you. Our faculty will meet this week for two traditional days prior to the beginning of new semesters. The first is the Course Share day: an all-day sharing of the intentions, objectives, and outcomes of each of the IAPD courses from the previous semester; while the second is a Faculty Retreat-style meeting. Each of these days are critical as they bring all of us together to review and discuss curricular and departmental issues and vision for the future.

Fifth year begins the semester with a Steelcase-sponsored event: Wellbeing @ Work, a workshop/charrette occurring on Wednesday, January 22 from 10-3:30. Such a current topic and we are excited to learn more!

Our best wishes to fourth year students, as they undertake study abroad, internships, and participation at KCDC. Keep in touch during the semester and we will put updates into this weekly newsletter.

To each of you as you prepare to return to Manhattan, travel safely and come energized and ready for a fantastic semester!

News and Events

Students check out this event:


Keep your eye open for a meeting regarding this conference. Thank you to Amie Keener (2001) at Gensler, Dallas for this alert.

Elective Courses
Students, this is a reminder that you have until tomorrow, January 14, to register for the IAPD electives offered for the Spring semester. Based upon enrollment figures at that time, we will make a decision on whether the course will be offered or not.

Library Resources
Faculty, this week please provide Maxine the list of resources you need on reserve in Weigel Library for your spring classes.  The more information you can give for each selected book or media the better (title, call number, and edition).   Also please include 1) course name; 2) course number; and 3) loan period for materials (2 hour/overnight, 2 hour closed, 1 day, 3 day, 1 week).  If there are multiple instructors connected to that reserve list, such as a studio class, provide their names as well.
Lists can be emailed (mlganske@k-state.edu), brought to Weigel Library or left in Weigel’s 2nd floor mailbox.  

If the reserve materials from your fall courses can be removed, please notify Maxine of those as well.  Before items can be taken off reserve, the instructor’s permission must be given.

If you are interested in receiving a weekly newsletter from DWELL, click on the image below for the signup.



Congratulations to the following students (and faculty) who have been accepted at the 2014 EDRA Conference. This year EDRA received more than 700 submissions, each submission was double blind reviewed by qualified reviewers in the domain areas identified by authors. The following papers have been selected for oral presentation at EDRA45NewOrleans (and the abstract will be published in the Conference Proceedings). 

"Adapting Workstations to Generational Variances by Reinforcing Healthy breaks through Workspace Design" by Xavier Gavin and Vibhavari Jani

"Consideration of Sustainable Strategies in the Changing Office Environments and its Impact on the Health of its Inhabitants" by James Dylan Howe, Kunyan Wei and Vibhavari Jani

"Designing Modern Offices: How to Prepare for Changing Needs of the Nomadic Staff" by Nichole Finke, Katherine Pruser and Vibhavari Jani

"The Impact of Lighting on the Employees in the Changing Workplace" by Rutvik Date, Abigail Zohner, Abby Buchmann and Vibhavari Jani

The following Posters have been selected:

"Lighting and Acoustics in Design Learning and Office Environments" by Jay Marcus, Michael Murphy, and Anthony Ngo, Vibhavari Jani 

"The Incorporation of Technology in Design: Studying the Effect of Digital Tools on Creativity" by Kurt Andre, Melissa Still, Teresa Siegele and Vibhavari Jani 

"The Changing Times, Changing Needs: The Future of Effective Wayfinding in the Workplace" by Brian Davis, Sarah Swaim, Anthony Dorrel and Vibhavari Jani 

These submissions are a direct outcome of the IAPD Design Research course under the direction of Associate Professor Vibha Jani. Truly a wonderful accomplishment by all! Learn more about the EDRA conference here:


Free Sources
Contract Magazine offers a Brand Report for 2013 which provides a very clear and concise summary of the leading manufacturers for 2013 in each product/material category for Interior Design. Check it out at: 


Many design-related magazines offer free subscriptions, a good way to keep up-to-date on firms, projects, materials, and events occurring in the design fields. Thank you to Erin Hurd (2013 grad) at Populous for recommending the following for students:

  • Contract Magazine
  • Hospitality Design 
  • Boutique Design 
  • Interiors & Sources
  • Architectural Products

Upcoming Events


21:  Classes begin
22:  Wellbeing @ Work
24:  5th year Generative Intentions (Village-Style Review)
30:  IAPD Faculty Meeting 11:30-1:00