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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



April 20, 2015

Department Head Notes

We are pleased to welcome Nathalie Rozencwajg to K-State! She is an accomplished designer and architect, director of RARE Architecture with offices in London and Paris, and I'm looking forward to the presentation this afternoon. RARE Architecture works in scales from the Object to the Urban. Over the next two days and in addition to the lecture, Ms. Rozencwajg will participate in a variety of courses, reviews, and other activities in IAPD.

IAPD Distinguished Lecturer - Nathalie Rozencwajg

APDesign IAPD Distinguished Lecturer, Nathalie Rozencwajg, will be visiting campus this week as well as presenting her lecture on Tuesday (today!). Ms. Rozencwajg comes to us with a multitude of international experience and accomplishments, her lecture is one you will not want to miss.

The lecture occurs Tuesday, April 21st at 4pm in the KSU Little Theater. Please plan to attend! Read the poster here.

Weigel Student Workers Needed

Weigel is now accepting student assistant job applications for Fall 2015 semester. We always like to have IAPD students and it is a great opportunity! Fill out an application or pick on up from Weigel Library Circulation desk, then turn it in Weigel Library for consideration.

International Bamboo Seminar and Workshop in Indonesia 


Professor Ryadi Adityavarman (IAPD) and Dragoslav Simic (ARCH) would like to develop a team of KSU students to participate in the International Bamboo Seminar and Exploration in Bandung, Indonesia. The event is part of the collaboration between Kansas State University and Universitas Parahyangan with the start of the seminar on July 29, 2015 and the workshop takes place on August 3- August 17, 2015.

Read more here or contact Ryadi at ryadi@ksu.edu 

IAPD Events 

20 - APDPro Off-Campus Opportunities Fair - 5:30 - Pierce Commons
21 - Nathalie Rozencwajg lecture - 4pm - Little Theater
23 - Faculty Meeting - 11:30-12:20 - Crit Space
30 - Faculty Meeting - 11:30-12:20 - Crit Space

1 - APDesign Ice Cream Social
4 - 3rd Year Reviews - 1:30 - McGraw Room
5 - All University Awards Ceremony - 3-5
6 - 5th Year Final Reviews - 8-12:30 - McGraw Room
7 - 5th Year Final Review - 1 - 6 - Seaton 104
7 - Faculty Meeting - 11:30-12:20 - Crit Space
8 - 5th Year Final Review - 8-5 - Beech Museum 
12 - PFCM Final Review
13 - Graduation Rehearsal - 3:30-5
13 - 5th Year Picnic - Tuttle Creek Park - 5:30-8:30
14 - Faculty Meeting - 11:30-12:20 - Crit Space
16 - Commencement