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MANHATTAN – The College of Architecture, Planning & Design’s Small Town Studio Eureka Project has been selected to receive the K-State Excellence in Engagement award. A review committee composed of both on and off campus stakeholders was very impressed with the Studio’s close two-year collaboration with stakeholders and citizens of Eureka, Kansas. The Studio was praised for the range and immediacy of issues addressed, the development of strong partnerships, and the intensive level of student involvement in the community.

The Small Town Studio of the Department of Architecture was formed in 2012 by Associate Professor Todd Gabbard to engage rural communities across Kansas with student-generated visualization services. Small towns are generally underserved by architects, planners, and designers, said Gabbard, which makes student involvement in these communities an excellent opportunity for towns and students alike. “The work with Eureka and other Kansas communities is an invaluable learning experience for our fifth-year architecture students,” said Gabbard. “The students’ engagement in the background work necessary to make an architectural project viable, such as communicating with clients and stakeholders, building community consensus, and addressing project implementation, will be of tremendous help as they move towards the professional world.”

In addition to the Excellence in Engagement Award, the Center of Engagement and Community Development urged Professor Gabbard to apply for the APLU’s C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award. This national award was established to identify colleges and universities that have redesigned their learning, discovery and engagement functions to become even more involved with their communities. “Professor Gabbard has been instrumental in our departmental efforts to work with communities and groups needing design assistance. By working with these groups our students are able to demonstrate the value of design and open the door for design professionals to have a community wide impact. ” said Matt Knox, Head of the Department of Architecture.

The Small Town Studio has provided services to six Kansas communities, including Cuba, Pittsburg, Colby, Jamestown and Blue Rapids. The Studio’s most prominent partnership has been with the city of Eureka, with more than a dozen projects completed or ongoing. “Eurekans were very open to the idea of an architecture design studio taking on the development of projects in town,” Gabbard said, “and the collaboration is bearing fruit.” The town, Gabbard notes, has begun to mobilize by setting up a new non-profit, the Eureka Studio, that will help to pursue student-generated projects after the end of the semester. “Two local architects, Lester Limon of PKHLS Architecture and Waylon Arndt of ReEnvision, are working directly with students to help bring their designs to the level of constructability and will be key agents in making those projects manifest.” “This is the kind of public/private collaboration that can make significant impact.” said Dean Tim de Noble.

The community-based partnership has been beneficial for everyone involved. Small towns are often eager to receive new ideas, and architecture students value the opportunity to gain experience while testing design concepts. A few projects have already been implemented – the headquarters of the Eureka Studio on Main Street and Gallery M, an art exhibition space on Third Street, with several others moving towards implementation. “There is something inherently optimistic about new construction,” said Gabbard. “Even small projects can change attitudes and build momentum.”

APDesign Fellow Ray Willis, MRCP '71,


Will speak in Seaton 106c this Thursday, April 17, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. Please plan to attend and encourage your students to attend. Click here for his itinerary. 

 The Kansas State Board of Technical Professions

has posted the NEWSLETTER for April 2014.  Newsletter articles include disciplinary actions and lists of new licensees. 

Click here for the APRIL 2014 KSBTP NEWSLETTER:


If this link does not open automatically, please cut and paste it into your web browser.  The NEWSLETTER may also be accessed by going to the lower right hand side of the KSBTP Web page at:  www.ksbtp.ks.gov


PUBLIC MEETING: Washington Square Park Redevelopment
Wednesday, April 16
Open House: 5-7 p.m.
Presentation: 7-7:30 p.m.
National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, 100 W. 26th Street

The meeting will be open to the public to get input on the redevelopment and programming of Washington Square Park.  The design team will show examples of other cities and how park redevelopment projects have spurred growth and economic development while making the park a more open and active space.  For additional information, please contact Heather Runkel at heather.runkel@kcmo.org

 Weigel Library Update – Interlibrary Loans

Resource Recommendations –

Suggestions for new Weigel Library materials – periodicals, books, and media – are still being accepted. Please notify Maxine of your recommendations by email (mlganske@ksu.edu), a note or list in Weigel's mailbox (2nd floor) or in person. No guarantees of purchase, but we can ask. Please submit your recommendations to Maxine by Wednesday, April 23, in order to meet K-State Libraries' deadline.

You can bring food (within reason) in to Weigel, as long as you keep the tables and books clean!
Weigel Library is a great place to hold meetings or work on group projects, and you don't need a reservation! We even have a dry-erase board and a mobile collaboration station with hookups for PC and Mac laptops.
Weigel Library has a Special Collections room, full of rare and unique books and documents dating back to 1581. Just ask a staff member for assistance!


China Day

Today as part of the college initiatives to promote cultural diversity and global awareness, China Day will be hosted in the Pierce Commons. The events are as follows: 

12:00 - 1:30PM: Opening event: Shanghai Tower Construction (video presentation), Traditional Chinese Games

5:30 - 7PM: Spring Festival Event: Panel discussion on Contemporary Chinese Architecture, Guzheng (traditional Chinese either performance) with traditional Chinese snacks as refreshments. 

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. 

College Faculty/Staff Meeting: April 22nd at 12:30 pm

Please plan to attend this faculty/staff meeting. I will last one hour and will be held in 106C Seaton Hall.