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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

APDesign Newsletter 8.1.11


If you haven’t spent much time in Seaton this summer, you will notice some changes in office space when you get back. Several staff members have switched offices and moved, so here is where you’ll find them now:

Sharon Hartwich & Joan Koehler: Sharon and Joan can be found in Seaton 214, Dennis Law’s former office.

Lisa Last & Linda Rice: Lisa and Linda have moved from Seaton 212D into Seaton 213.

Emily Vietti: Emily is now in Seaton 212D.

David White: David is now in the Computer and Networking Services office with Don and Dereatha, Seaton 012.

More office updates coming soon!


The wall for the basement studio is coming together rapidly. The birch slats, seating, and Homasote have been installed. The door into the studio is almost complete. All of the lighting in the wall has been mounted and hooked up. Installation of the glazing in the upper half of the wall will happen next week. We are beginning to feel that this new studio will in fact be ready to inhabit for the start of the fall semester.   Additionally, our Ph.D. students now have a home where they can interact. The four candidates can be found in the space that previously housed the Krider Center - Seaton 317. Along with the Ph.D. students, you will also find the MS Architecture students in that studio. The space that housed the MS students in years past (along with the five fifth-year students who worked on the design of a new Seaton Hall/Seaton Court project last year) will now become a fifth-year studio.

More updates throughout the summer!


Associate Professor Vibhavari Jani, Interior Architecture & Product Design, recently had her book, Diversity in Design: Perspectives from the Non-Western World, published by Fairchild Books.

Jani’s book explores design in India, China, Turkey, Nigeria, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

The Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design will be holding an event shortly after the semester starts to celebrate Professor Jani’s accomplishment, so stay tuned. 


As mentioned in the previous e-newsletter, last fiscal year saw a record level of philanthropic support to our College.

One area that benefited from our alumni’s generous support is study abroad.

As is well known, our College boasts an impressive history of providing unparalleled study abroad experience to our students. Now two alumni have made that experience much more accessible to current students. Ben Hakimian, B ARCH 1967, and Stanley Anderson, B ARCH 1985, both stepped forward this past year to establish annual scholarships assisting students with demonstrated financial need to study abroad.

Hakimian will provide funds necessary to support three students per year, each receiving $4,000 that will help alleviate the expense associated with the Italian Studies Program. In a similar fashion, Anderson will be supporting one student per year with a $2,500 scholarship that will enable him or her to enroll in the Italian Studies Program.

We are very grateful for their generous support. Should you hear of alumni or friends interested in aiding this area within our College, please do not hesitate to contact Bruce Broce for further information.


On May 23, the staff in Weigel Library doubled when Shelly Richardson was added as a full-time library assistant. Shelly brings a wealth of knowledge and a variety of experiences to your architecture library.

Originally from Massachusetts, she studied sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design and University of Massachusetts Amherst before moving to Colorado in 1994. While pursuing a career as a professional librarian in both academic and public service environments, Shelly also earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in digital art from Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Come up to Weigel and meet our newest staff member!