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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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April 22, 2013

Message from the Department Head

Another successful Open House occurred last Saturday! Congratulations to the 3rd year students for an engaging display of work and effective representation of the scope of project as well as process of design. We will maintain the hall wall displays as well as Room 206, if you didn't have the opportunity to visit on Saturday, you will at least have a glimpse of the display. 

We are so pleased to welcome Dustin Headley to our faculty! Currently teaching at Ball State University, Dustin and his wife Dominique Resendiz will arrive in Manhattan over the summer. Thank you to everyone who made this IAPD faculty search a resounding success!

Representatives of Ennead are back in town this week to work with APDesign representatives in finalizing the Programming requirements for our building. I hope you will take advantage of any opportunities for viewing of their work and seeing a glimpse of a conceptual direction for Seaton Hall/Seaton Court.

I leave this morning to Philadelphia, to give a luncheon presentation at LightFair about the "Lighting Across the [Design] Curriculum" project. Click the link to learn more about the project and the work of the Nuckolls Lighting Fund for Lighting Education Inc.

News and Events

Representatives from Herman Miller will be here for their final visit on Monday, April 29.

Interested in Public Interest design? Oz Journal is hosting Design Corps founder Bryan Bell to lecture in Towne Hall in the Leadership Building at 4 PM on April 29th. For more information about Bryan Bell, check out his OZ-SOME site:www.bryanbell.org

Current Projects


2nd yr IAPD product studio completed a 1-day design charrette working with Agricultural Engineering Professor Ed Brokesh, Prof J. Pat Murphy, senior Dillon Thompson designing body work for this years 1/4-scale tractor competition entry.


On Monday, April 15th, KCDC hosted the second of two public charrettes for the Independence Avenue Urban Vision Study project. This event was held at the Northeast Public Library and was open to the public. IAPD involvement at KCDC this semester includes 3-5th year and 2-4th year students. 


Words from Weigel

Suggestions of new resources for Weigel Library – periodicals, databases, books, media – are encouraged and still being accepted.   Please notify Maxine of your recommendations by email or a note/list in Weigel’s 2nd floor mailbox or in person.    No guarantees of purchase, but we can ask.  K-State Libraries’ deadline is April 30.

Casey Hoeve, Content Development Librarian, K-State Libraries, will be soliciting feedback from faculty and students later this month on the following two database trials (if you haven't already, please take a few minutes to explore them):

Art and Architecture in Video 
This is a collection of documentaries and interviews illustrating the history, theory and practice of art, design and architecture.  http://artv.alexanderstreet.com

This database covers fine, decorative and commercial art as well as architecture and architectural design.  It features full-text articles for an array of journals, books, podcasts and more.  Art Source includes international periodicals and is designed for use by art scholars, artists, designers, students and general researchers.

Internship & Study Abroad News


From Anh Nguyen regarding her internship adventures  in Shanghai:  The first few weeks of my internship at Taranta Creations I was given work right when I walked in the office and sat at my workstation.  The company is very small.  There is the owner (Enrico Taranta), a chief designer architect, two architects, four people who focus on model making and renderings, two project managers, and an office assistant/translator.  The office atmosphere is quite entertaining to say the least as it is an Italian firm.  There are three languages spoken around the office which are Italian, Chinese, and English.  The common language amongst everyone is English, so thankfully for me I manage without a problem.  However, there are times where my desktop holds quite a bit of diversity itself.  Some of the software is in English and other ones are in Chinese or Italian.  The language barrier surprisngly does not cause that much difficulty to navigate through the programs. 

The first few projects I worked on were a furniture showroom design and some private villas located around China.  Their design process is very similar to what I have learned in studio.  The first thing we do is find inspiration, go through the programming, and come up with concepts that lead to sketches, photoshopped images of the site, presentations to the clients, then more redesigning and model making with renderings.  All the software they use are the same.  I have been using mostly InDesign, Photoshop, and Rhino.  I have been doing a fair amount of sketching as well.

All in all, interning at Taranta Creations has been an experience of a lifetime.  I am immensely grateful to have been given this opportunity and experience to travel to another country and work with an amazing firm.   One of the many things I love about the work is that there is always something new.  No project is ever the same.  The work is very fast paced and although we are currently working on four projects amongst the 11 of us, there are currently six projects on stand by.  The more I am here in China, the more I am getting won over by the culture, people, and of course the company. (excerpted from Anh's email by permission)



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