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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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January 27, 2014

Message from the Department Head

The semester is off to a running start and will undoubtedly be a rewarding one. Please review this newsletter carefully and advantage yourself of the various opportunities presented! If you are signed up to follow our Twitter account, don't be surprised to receive reminders to "get up and move!" We want you to be healthy, and movement throughout the day is an important component to your health. 

News and Events
Guest Presentation
Tim Durfee, an LA-based architect and exhibit designer, will be visiting K-state today and tomorrow (January 27-28).  Tim’s perspective on architecture is rooted in his background in writing, interface design, media, architecture, and exhibitions. Tim will be giving a presentation in the Pierce Commons today at 1:30 and you are encouraged to attend. Learn more about him and his fascinating array of work here. 

IIDA – Portfolios and Professionals
IIDA is hosting an event at 360 Architecture in Kansas City that offers an exceptional opportunity for all 5th and 3rd year students. Professionals from the Kansas City area will be in attendance to look over portfolios and projects at any phase of completion. They will be available to give feedback on ways to make your portfolio stand out among the rest. The second half of the day, an open discussion will take place covering topics such as “the current job market and how to approach the daunting task of pursuing a design career.” Talk to your studio professor about attending this opportunity, learn more and register (no cost associated) here.

IIDA Student Conference

The Texas-Oklahoma chapter’s Student Conference has extended an opportunity to K-state Students to participate in their conference February 20th and 21st in Houston TX. Events include small group presentations, keynote speaker luncheon and industry table top events featuring companies from across the nation. Interested in attending? See the website and talk to a professor about how this can work for you.

Departmental Informational Meeting

Thursday, January 30th, there will be a departmental meeting for all 1st year students interested in the various programs of APDesign. IAPD’s presentation will occur at 6:30 in the McGraw Room (Seaton 207). 

Current Projects

5th year Conceptual Presentations


Friday, January 24th, the 5th year studios held a “village-style” presentation of the generative intentions for their culminating projects.  This phase provides the inspiration, directs the thrust and provides the dominant idea behind each student’s design. Each student explored and presented two generative intentions, and provided a written depiction of the concept, an eidetic image and a gesture model for each. Students gained valuable feedback from faculty and peers.

Wellbeing@Work Charette
IAPD 5th year students participated in a charette on Wednesday, January 22nd organized and facilitated by Steelcase. The charette focused on the question: “Can the workplace actually be a place where people leave healthier then when they arrive”? During the initial research presentation, students learned about studies quantifying happiness and productivity in the workplace as well as those indicating that problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than any other life stressor.  Focus on such a current issue facing designers proved an excellent way to kick off the semester from all points of view!

Bath and Bathing Fixtures for a Water-Less World

Dave Richter-O'Connell offered an intersession course in January with a focus on the design and development of low-flow or no-flow fixtures that fulfill hygienic and therapeutic bath and bathing needs while also addressing global water use issues.  The class dovetailed with a student design competition “Cristalplant Design Contest 2014” sponsored by Cristalplant Biobased solid surface materials and Agape bath and bathing products manufacturer.


Faculty, K-state is offering the opportunity to apply for a Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Award for the 2014-2015 academic year.

There are two categories of this award for which a faculty member may apply: a regular Fellowship Award and a mentoring Fellowship Award. Both Fellowships provide up to $2500 for expenses related to a visit by a faculty member to another Big 12 institution. Detailed information about the application for this award is available on the Provost home page here. The deadline for submission of the applications to the Provost’s office is May 1, and should be submitted electronically in PDF form to Gail Zeak (gaill@ksu.edu). Notifications will be provided to faculty by June 16. These awards are an excellent opportunity for all faculty members to increase their network of collaborators and use resources available at other institutions.

Involvement Opportunities

This semester, the Interior Architecture Student Council has openings for 3 new representatives; one from each year. Elections for these representatives will be held on Wednesday of this week (January 29), and student council meetings will be held every other week for the rest of the semester. For information about the responsibilities that the positions hold, please talk to your current studio representatives. These are:

        2nd Year - Whitney Lawson and Nicole Baith
        3rd Year - Diana Blom and Jessica Griesemer
        5th Year - Matt Spaniol and Stephani Chaffin


Monday Jan 27 – Tim Durfee presentation – 1:30 – Pierce Commons
Wednesday Jan 29 – Graduate School Applications Due for 3rd years students
Thursday Jan 30 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 11:30-1 pm – Seaton 202F
Thursday Jan 30 – Diversity lecture delivered by Jay Siebenmorgen at 4:00PM in the Little Theatre
Thursday Jan 30 – Departmental Information Meetings for 1st Year Students: 6:30 IAPD McGraw Room Seaton 207
Friday Feb 7 – Graduation Application Materials due for 5th Year Students
Friday Feb 7 – IIDA Portfolios & Professionals – 1-5 – 360 Architecture (KC)
Thursday Feb 20 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 11:30-1 pm – Seaton 202F
Thursday Feb 20-Friday Feb 21 – IIDA Student Conference Houston, TX
Monday Feb 24 – Ekdahl lecture (ARCH) delivered by Laurie Hawkinson at 4:00PM in the Little Theatre
March 15-23 – Spring Break
Wednesday April 2 – Sally Augustin, Environmental Psychologist 4:00 PM in the Little Theatre 
Saturday April 5 – Open House
Monday April 7 – 10 - 3 DesignExpo in the K-State Alumni Center Ballroom
Saturday May 17 – APDesign Commencement