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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


May 15, 2015

All Student Key Return

Attention ALL STUDENTS: 

Before you leave campus for good this semester, please return your studio key to the IAPD office before you leave on Saturday (or before). There will be a sheet for you to sign once the key is returned as well. If you are in summer shop, you may hold onto your key until the end of the class. 

5th years - If you do not return your key, a hold will be placed on your account and you will be unable to receive your diploma

Studio Move Out

All IAPD students:

As we will not be returning to studio spaces in Seaton Hall or Seaton Court, please make sure you pack up all belongings you wish to use next year as well as clean up and throw out anything you do not want to use in the future. Students are to be completely moved out of studio spaces by noon on Monday, May 18. Each student must clean their area of trash and dispose of those items they no longer need or want. All personal items should be removed so the area is the same as when the semester began. Professors, please make sure your students have accomplished this for your studio spaces.  

Herman Miller Student Video Contest - Your help is needed! 

Students and Faculty! Your help is needed!!

Rudy Date's video has been selected as a finalist for this year's Herman Miller Student Video Contest and the finalist is determined by a public vote

The video is entitled "Answering the Herman Miller Student Video Question." Voting is done through Facebook and you are able to vote for it once a day - please help out and vote daily! Voting ends May 15th at 5pm!!!

Click here to be taken to the voting page on Herman Miller's Facebook page! 

Faculty News

IAPD faculty members Vibhavari Jani and Katrina Lewis attended the second Rotary Peace Forum on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 held in Manhattan. Katrina was part of the planning committee and Vibha served as facilitator for group discussions on how one can individually and collectively educate and create awareness about peace and conflict issues in the community.

Important community issues including need for religious harmony, celebrating cultural diversity, awareness about hunger, poverty and bullying were discussed. Suggestions to resolve some if these issues were discussed and gathered and will be distributed at a later date. 200 participants attended this forum.

IAPD Merchandise


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